The Gifts of the Holy Spirit【電子書籍】[ Rodney Howard-Browne ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】The Gifts of the Holy Spirit【電子書籍】[ Rodney Howard-Browne ]

<p>Simple and easy guide to how the Holy Spirit can and will flow through you every day. Will help you yield to the Holy Spirit and understand the uses of the gifts in your life.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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The Rooster Raising the Chick【電子書籍】[ Dominick Romano ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】The Rooster Raising the Chick【電子書籍】[ Dominick Romano ]

<p>The Rooster Raising the Chick-A fathers journey from they</p> <p>day my daughter was taken from me,through the dealings with abiased court</p> <p>system and the day to day unique situations of a Father raising his daughter</p> <p>after getting custody, I will give my thoughts,hints,fears and inspirations</p> <p>the joys and frustrations of raising a child and the uniqueness of Father</p> <p>raising a child as a single parent.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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His Name Is Josiah【電子書籍】[ Jose Flores ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】His Name Is Josiah【電子書籍】[ Jose Flores ]

<p>When family means everything, there is nothing a man wouldnt do to protect and defends his. Jacob Quintero, an active duty Marine and the baby of the siblings, tells the story of his older brother Josiah Quintero who lived an unorthodox life in efforts to provide his family a better life. The story of Josiah is told in sequential order starting from his childhood leading up to his professional career. Josiah lived a selfish life and shows heart and passion throughout many struggles and storms of adversity to show the true meaning of love and what the cost of love is. From troubled beginnings, he is molded to a fine gentleman who paves the way for his brothers and sisters and demonstrates great leadership. Making a promise at an early age, Josiah becomes a hero in the eyes of all those that know him and lays the foundation with the bricks that are thrown at him. He creates a plan to provide a bright future for his family and one that will unfold as the story is told with a twisting ending. Josiah is a craftsman and visionary of his life and proves one actions can hugely impact and influence those love ones around him with certain actions and risks. Josiah is one to be remembered, honored, and admired.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Just Another African Voice【電子書籍】[ Sarah D. Johnson ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Just Another African Voice【電子書籍】[ Sarah D. Johnson ]

<p>Do you have anything worthwhile to say? Are you speaking in vacuum words that should be shouted from the mountaintops and into the valleys that some weary soul all alone in life should hear? Have you put a muzzle of silence over your guarded tongue so others cannot hear that profound truth that pours from your heart to be mulled over by the masses? Pondering these questions in the quite still of the early morning hours, my pen is poised and ready to unleash signicance. You, Reader, are in for insight, a dialogue from a unique perspective - Just Another African Voice. Just another song and dance; the lifting of the prose to lift a downcast brow. Are you ready to take the read? Your assumptions are about to clash head on with this verbosity and hopefully help gain a better understanding of my people. Why are we this way? Why do you need to take another look? Another listen to Just Another African Voice? Enter my tent of understanding and let this journey begin. You are tuned to Just Another African Voice of Victory!</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Nuggets & PearlsMemorable Snippets for the Soul【電子書籍】[ Ash Pradhan ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Nuggets & PearlsMemorable Snippets for the Soul【電子書籍】[ Ash Pradhan ]

<p>Nuggets & Pearls, Memorable snippets for the soul, is a composition of over two hundred concise, memorable poems composed by author-poet Ash Pradhan. Several snippets deliver a powerful message in just a few words, some with subtle humor, a skill mastered by the author. They are organized in chapters of ones self-development phases: What Matters, Values, Attitude, Communication, Conduct, Health, Wealth, Success, Divinity, Art of life. As such, the book is a good practical guide for anyone interested in personal development.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Moments with M.E.【電子書籍】[ Mary Ellen Bauer ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Moments with M.E.【電子書籍】[ Mary Ellen Bauer ]

<p>Who am I? Welcome to M.E., I am a legally blind, very over weight, dedicated mom, loving wife and unique individual. I like being silly; I carry a rather serious tone, and am usually quite open minded. Its taken me my entire life to learn about who I am. I think I like M.E.; I hope you enjoy reading about M.E. as much as I have valued sharing my life.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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More Magic in the Garden of the Little Yellow House【電子書籍】[ Sue Cronin ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】More Magic in the Garden of the Little Yellow House【電子書籍】[ Sue Cronin ]

<p>The second book about the magical garden of the little yellow house introduces Lily, who thinks she is the best flower in the garden, and the Fairy Queen who is not impressed with Lilys antics.</p> <p>Rose still dreams of becoming a little girl does this dream come true?</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Soulless【電子書籍】[ Kate Rudolph ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Soulless【電子書籍】[ Kate Rudolph ]

<p><em>A warrior without a soul...</em></p> <p>Raze NaFeen has sacrificed everything in service of his people. Otherwise cursed to die at thirty without a mate, Raze has taken drastic action, destroying his soul and killing his emotions to prolong his life. He feels nothing. No love, no hate, no fear. Until he meets Sierra.</p> <p><em>A spy on a mission...</em></p> <p>Sierra Alvarez has a lot to live up to. As the daughter of a celebrated general, she's expected to follow in his militaristic footsteps, except Sierra is no soldier. Her talents are best used for sneaking and subterfuge. When an off planet mission gets out of hand, she'll need to use every skill she has and work with a mysterious, sexy warrior who awakens an unquenchable desire within her.</p> <p><em>Two worlds collide...</em></p> <p>Raze and Sierra shouldn't fit, but every minute spent together singes them with a chemistry too hot to ignore. They'll need to fight pirates, their people, and the vast distances of space to find a way for two lost souls to become one whole. Can a man without a soul find his mate? And is that bond enough to heal wounds that run deep?</p> <p><strong>Each <em>Detyen Warriors</em> novel can be read as a standalone. Enjoy feisty women, alpha aliens, fated mates, and relationships hot enough to steam up your screen.</strong></p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Keeper【電子書籍】[ Johana Gustawsson ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Keeper【電子書籍】[ Johana Gustawsson ]

<p><strong>Whitechapel, 1888</strong>: London is bowed under Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror.<br /> <strong>London, 2015</strong>: actress Julianne Bell is abducted in a case similar to the terrible Tower Hamlets murders of some ten years earlier, and harking back to the Ripper killings of a century before.<br /> <strong>Falkenberg, Sweden, 2015</strong>: a woman’s body is found mutilated in a forest, her wounds identical to those of the Tower Hamlets victims. With the man arrested for the Tower Hamlets crimes already locked up, do the new killings mean he has a dangerous accomplice, or is a copy-cat serial killer on the loose?<br /> Profiler Emily Roy and true-crime writer Alexis Castells again find themselves drawn into an intriguing case, with personal links that turn their world upside down. Following the highly acclaimed <em>Block 46</em> and guaranteed to disturb and enthral, <em>Keeper</em> is a breathless thriller from the new queen of French Noir.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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White ChocolateBlack Identity in Small Town White America【電子書籍】[ Sam Kelley ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】White ChocolateBlack Identity in Small Town White America【電子書籍】[ Sam Kelley ]

<p>Life in small town white America turns out to be anything but idyllic for Professor Walt Williams and wife Ruby. Walts preoccupation with achieving tenure in the publish or perish academic world alienates him from his family. If thats not enough, his college-dropout son, who hangs out on the ski slopes, and daughter Lily, a high school honor student smitten with the white kid next door, are assuming provincial identities that threaten to derail Walts ambitious goal of seeing them achieve success as high-powered black professionals. White Chocolate is a hot issue. It is, in part, about interracial relationships and the impact of that on both the individual and their respective communities. Although other dynamics are involved in the play, the interracial issue prompted much fury and fiery honest discussion in the class [Syracuse University Workshop in Black Theatre]. Jackie Warren-Moore, columnist The Post-Standard, Syracuse, New York White Chocolate is a successful political play because it makes the political personal and particular . . . Kelleys play is also a warmhearted domestic drama. While Walt is fighting for his professional life, he is losing the affection of his teenage daughter, Lily, and his college dropout son, Victor . . . David Reilly, Contributing writer The Syracuse Newspapers/Weekend</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Universal Healing ManualTraining Manual【電子書籍】[ John James ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Universal Healing ManualTraining Manual【電子書籍】[ John James ]

<p>UNIVERSAL HEALING: is an Ancient, Angelic Distance Energy Healing System, Mainly For Internal, Self Healing And may be Used To Give hands on Healing; To Other People, You channel white, matter. And different types of matter.</p> <p>In this Universal Healing: you have control over this energy flow. It may be possible to slow this healing, it is not possible to stop it completely.</p> <p>The 1st level Attunment</p> <p>After this attunement: for the first three months you are not alone, call and I will send you free healing, and advice about universal healing; by text or email.</p> <p>The 1st level attunment will connect you to source, and allow a flow of light through you to take place. Once you are attuned, you will have control, over your own healing energy flow. This healing is on all the time; even if you are incapacitated. This energy will work constantly to regenerate your bodies physical systems. This flow at first will be felt, then in time you will not be a where of its flow, you will be used to it, when you have a pain in your body; instead of trying to ignore it, think about it: ask for the pain to stop; the pain will decrease.</p> <p>(Pain is a way the body lets you know, there is a problem area, you need to work on; sometimes long term problems, may take you time to find within you; what you need to work on to clear it)</p> <p>Think about the area, and it will receive healing.</p> <p>The 2nd level Attunment</p> <p>On this level you will be given tools of empowerment: These are diagrams of energy tools. Most off these special abilities you already have, and are unaware off: These tools will in time enhance the gifts within you. Each person has there own abilities, as you use these diagrams within your body, to heal your internal body systems, you will improve the manifestation part of your brain. This is the part of your brain that manifests your every day life, that allows you to walk through this play ground I call life path. Of course this process is not easy, but its fun.</p> <p>The Master Attunment</p> <p>This is the level you will be taught how to do the attunements: This is a simple process to teach you how to pass on this healing system to other people; the power within you has increased. The ability to regenerate tissue within you has increased, now your internal BA and KA channels are starting to increase in strength, and are used to heal your internal body systems with more efficiency.</p> <p>Channels: the main ones are the meridians: the KA channels and the fine BA channels, these flow through the immune system, and through the minute cell matrix systems; this is where most of the problems arise when the body starts to break down. In a domino effect through out the bodies physical Holographic matrix.</p> <p>All this is irrelevant because you don't need to know all this, to use this healing system.</p> <p>IE if you drive a car you only need to know how to drive it. There is no need to know, how to fix it, for this you call in an expert mechanic. Its the same for universal healing, to fix your self call in the angels and they will fix you.</p> <p>Most of your self healing, and expansion, and learning; has now taken place, from this point on, you will receive information and guidance: from me as an equal.</p> <p>The 2nd phase level This is an expansion of your physical and emotional awareness you will feel peace throughout your being, this expansion may be felt by every one around you, they may see the difference in you, as you gain more control over the environment around you.</p> <p>The Grand master Attunment</p> <p>This attunement will in time dispel completely the egos control over you, bringing you into balance. Allowing the I am Presence to shine through. Your peaceful light, may shine around you, for about 200 miles. (this is your aura)</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Vietnam I'm Going !Letters from a Young Wac in Vietnam to Her Mother【電子書籍】[ Linda S. Earls ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Vietnam I'm Going !Letters from a Young Wac in Vietnam to Her Mother【電子書籍】[ Linda S. Earls ]

<p>Vietnam - Im Going! is the story of a young WAC assigned to Vietnam. It starts with her excitement upon receiving orders and continues with a detailed description of daily living in a combat zone. Readers will be able to follow her through the year while experiencing life as she experienced it from missing clean towels to being blasted out of bed by incoming rockets. She wrote many detailed letters to her mother and they are recorded here in their original form as they were written. She describes among other things, the war as she saw it from her office window, nights spent in the bunkers, chopper rides and the difficulties of obtaining needed items. She also describes never ending heat, the red mud and dust and the bugs that were everywhere. Readers will be caught up in this story wondering what will happen next and find it hard to stop reading. The story has a mostly positive viewpoint since she was a volunteer and so much wanted to serve her country in a combat zone.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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I Am Guilty【電子書籍】[ Fritz Thenor ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】I Am Guilty【電子書籍】[ Fritz Thenor ]

<p>In the 1980s, five young women were found raped and brutally murdered in Chicago, Virginia Beach, San Francisco, New York, and Miami. The police could not find the perpetrators of those murders, in spite of their diligence. Those cases were classified as unresolved murder cases and stored in the police archives. After seven years, in the dead of the winter, a man approached a police officer in downtown Chicago and confessed that he had committed those murders, in spite of the polices Miranda warning. The man, who had been hospitalized several times for mental illnesses, alleged that he had been harassed by voices compelling him to confess. Those five murder cases then leaped up from oblivion. The public was shocked. And when they had learned that the rape-murder occurred after the patient was discharged from the psychiatric hospital, they became incensed, blaming the psychiatric hospital for the negligent discharge to the community of a dangerous, mentally ill patient. The following questions were raised: Should the court accept a confession from a mentally ill person? How would the judge adjudicate a defendant who wanted to be executed for his alleged crimes? How would the defense attorney assist a defendant who did not want to present a defense? In what measure was this case going to affect the deinstitutionalization movement of the mentally ill?</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Hired TeachingAchieve Your Ideal Teaching Position【電子書籍】[ Carlos Heleno ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Hired TeachingAchieve Your Ideal Teaching Position【電子書籍】[ Carlos Heleno ]

<p>Students, established teachers making a change, and those switching careers all have the same questions about getting a teaching job: How do you get interviews? What questions will be asked? What are employers looking for?</p> <p>Carlos Heleno, an educator with almost thirty years of experience in the classroom and as an administrator, offers proven strategies for landing a job as a teacher in this guide. Learn how to:</p> <p>prepare a compelling portfolio that gets noticed;</p> <p>craft responses to common interview questions;</p> <p>develop a personal brand that resonates with employers; and</p> <p>hone teaching skills that will help you succeed in the classroom;</p> <p>Heleno also shares the top ten features of an outstanding cover letter, ten tips for writing an exceptional resume, and how to impress potential employers when you meet them face to face.</p> <p>Packed with tips on navigating each stage of the interview process and more than a hundred practice questions in eighteen different areas, the strategies in this guide are your express ticket to landing the teaching job you want.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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The Ugly Five【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】

The Ugly Five【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】

The Ugly FiveWho's that singing on the savanna? It's the top-five ugly animals in Africa! The wildebeest, warthog, vulture, hyena and marabou stork swagger proudly across the savanna, rejoicing in their ugliness-and delighting their babies, who think they're perfect just the way they are. Inspired by the real-life Ugly Five safari animals, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's brand-new picture book is a jubilant celebration of animals who are often rather unloved. The funny, heart-warming rhyme is a joy to read aloud, while bold, comical illustrations bring the savanna spectacularly to life.Dimensions: 29.5 x 22.6 x 1.1 centimetres (0.45 kg)サバンナで歌うのは誰ですか?アフリカのトップ5の醜い動物です!ワイルドビート、ワトグロク、ハゲタカ、ハイエナ、マラボウのコウノトリは、サバンナを横切って誇らしげに誇りを持ち、醜さを喜び、彼らの姿を完璧だと思う赤ちゃんを喜ばせます。現実のUgly Fiveサファリ動物にインスパイアされたJulia DonaldsonとAxel Schefflerの新しい絵本は、しばしばむしろ愛されていない動物の喜ばしいお祝いです。面白い、心温まる韻は朗読する喜びであり、大胆でコミカルなイラストはサバンナをすばらしく生き返らせる。 寸法:29.5 x 22.6 x 1.1センチメートル(0.45 kg)------------------------------------ 当店は、アメリカ カリフォルニアを本店とする海外ショップです。 通関時に関税・輸入消費税が課税される可能性があります。 商品お届けまでに、10日~20営業日程度かかります。 当店のカード決済代行会社は Rakuten Commerce LLC です。 ------------------------------------

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Red Cross Kay: My Journey of Service in WwiiMy Journey of Service in Wwii【電子書籍】[ Katherine Peddle Dixon ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Red Cross Kay: My Journey of Service in WwiiMy Journey of Service in Wwii【電子書籍】[ Katherine Peddle Dixon ]

<p>In Red Cross Kay: My Journey of Service in WWII, Katherine Peddle Dixon describes her journey in the Southwest Pacific as a Red Cross Girl. Kays journey begins in 1943 when she decides to do her part for the war effort. Leaving farm-life behind, she heads to New York City and joins the Red Cross. In her two years as a recreation specialist, Kay experiences unfamiliar surroundings, sweltering heat, unceasing rain, unforgiving terrain, and unexpected dangers but her enthusiasm, altruism, and dedication to raising the spirits of war-weary soldiers never falters. Red Cross Kay is an inspirational tale told by one of the unsung heroes of WWII. Visit www.redcrosskay.com to learn more. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to further the work of the American Red Cross of Northeastern New York.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Yu-Gi-Oh! (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 12: Includes Vols. 34, 35 & 36 (Yu-Gi-Oh! (3-in-1 Edition))【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】

Yu-Gi-Oh! (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 12: Includes Vols. 34, 35 & 36 (Yu-Gi-Oh! (3-in-1 Edition))【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】

Yu-Gi-Oh! (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 12: Includes Vols. 34, 35 & 36 (Yu-Gi-Oh! (3-in-1 Edition))The manga series that inspired the card game that swept the globe! Tenth-grader Yugi always had his head in some game-until he solved the Millennium Puzzle, an Egyptian artifact containing the spirit of a master gambler from the age of the pharoahs! Possessed by the puzzle, Yugi becomes Yu-Gi-Oh, the King of Games, and challenges evildoers to the Shadow Games...weird games with high stakes and high risks! In the ruins of Kul Elna, the village wherein the Millennium Items were made, Bakura prepares to complete a ritual that will unleash Necrophades...in the modern world! But if Yu-Gi-Oh changes the past, will the present change too, or is something stranger than time travel at work? * Triple the duels are rolled into this 3-in-1 edition of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series-undivided and in its entirety for the first time! * Releases 4 times a year for 13 volumes. Series ends at volume 13. * Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game is the number one trading card game in the world. * The franchise is a $2 billion industry, with a top-rated TV show, trading cards, action figures, video games, and magazines. * Over 7.2 million Yu-Gi Oh! video games sold through in the US to date. * Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels is available on XBox and Playstation. * Single volumes 1-38 have sold through over 880,000 copies (Bookscan, 2/17).Dimensions: 18.54 x 12.7 x 3.05 centimetres (0.29 kg)地球を席巻したカードゲームにインスパイアされたマンガシリーズ! 10代のユギは、ファラオの時代からマスターギャンブラーの精神を盛り込んだエジプトのアーティファクトであるミレニアムパズルを解決するまで、常にゲームに頭を抱えていました!パズルが所有している遊戯王は遊戯王の遊戯王になり、影のゲームに邪魔になる...賭け金が高く、リスクが高い奇妙なゲーム!ミレニアムアイテムが作られた村のKul Elnaの遺跡で、Bakuraは現代世界でNecrophadesを放つ儀式を完成させる準備をしています!しかし、遊戯王が過去を変えれば、今の変化も変わっていくのだろうか、それとも仕事の時間旅行よりも見知らぬものなのだろうか? *トリプルは、元の遊戯王のこの3-in-1版に巻き込まれます!シリーズは完全ではなく、初めて完全に! * 13巻で年間4回リリース。シリーズはボリューム13で終了します。* Yu-Gi-Oh!トレーディングカードゲームは、世界一のトレーディングカードゲームです。 *フランチャイズは、20億ドル規模の業界で、トップクラスのテレビ番組、トレーディングカード、アクションフィギュア、ビデオゲーム、雑誌を提供しています。 * 720万人以上のYu-Gi Oh!これまで米国で販売されていたビデオゲーム。 * Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium DuelsはXBoxとPlaystationで利用できます。 *シングルボリューム1-38は、880,000以上のコピーで販売されています(Bookscan、2/17)。 寸法:18.54 x 12.7 x 3.05センチメートル(0.29 kg)------------------------------------ 当店は、アメリカ カリフォルニアを本店とする海外ショップです。 通関時に関税・輸入消費税が課税される可能性があります。 商品お届けまでに、10日~20営業日程度かかります。 当店のカード決済代行会社は Rakuten Commerce LLC です。 ------------------------------------

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The Shunned House【電子書籍】[ Howard Phillips Lovecraft ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】The Shunned House【電子書籍】[ Howard Phillips Lovecraft ]

<p>* Book : The Shunned House<br /> * Biography<br /> * Bibliography</p> <p>" From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent. Some times it enters directly into the composition of the events, while sometimes it relates only to their fortuitous position among persons and places. The latter sort is splendidly exemplified by a case in the ancient city of Providence, where in the late forties Edgar Allan Poe used to sojourn often during his unsuccessful wooing of the gifted poetess, Mrs. Whitman. Poe generally stopped at the Mansion House in Benefit Street - the renamed Golden Ball Inn whose roof has sheltered Washington, Jefferson, and Lafayette - and his favourite walk led northward along the same street to Mrs. Whitman's home and the neighbouring hillside churchyard of St. John's whose hidden expanse of eighteenth-century gravestones had for him a peculiar fascination. "</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Keep Your Eternal Passport in a Safe Place【電子書籍】[ Welday Ansel ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Keep Your Eternal Passport in a Safe Place【電子書籍】[ Welday Ansel ]

<p>Life is all about a journey. Everybody is on some kind of journey in his life knowingly or unknowingly. For every journey, there is a starting point; in other words, to start a journey, everybody needs a foundation which determines his final destination. If the foundation is wrong, then the whole journey will also be in the wrong direction, and nothing is worse than travelling in the wrong direction throughout your life. If you miss the real root you cant bear the real fruit for your root determines your fruit. In the spiritual world, so many people are fake passport holders. They claim to inherit the kingdom of God but they can never inherit it until they accept this truth. The only truth is if Christ is your foundation, then heaven is your destination. Jesus Christ is the only way who can guide you throughout the journey, from the foundation to the final destination. By using the journey of the Israelites for forty years as a model in my book Keep Your Eternal Passport in a Safe Place, we will see how to finish successfully the journey of life from the foundation to the final destination.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Craeft: How Traditional Crafts Are about More than Just Making【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】

Craeft: How Traditional Crafts Are about More than Just Making【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】

Craeft: How Traditional Crafts Are about More than Just MakingIn a period of meaningless mass manufacturing, our growing appetite for hand-made objects, artisan food, and craft beverages reveals our deep cravings for tradition and quality. But there was a time when craft meant something very different; the Old English word craeft possessed an almost indefinable sense of knowledge, wisdom, and power. In this fascinating book, historian and popular broadcaster Alex Langlands goes in search of the mysterious lost meaning of craeft. Through a vibrant series of mini-histories, told with his trademark energy and charm, Langlands resurrects the ancient craftspeople who fused exquisite skill with back-breaking labour - and passionately defends the renewed importance of craeft today.Dimensions: 23.4 x 15.3 x 2.4 centimetres (0.33 kg)無意味な大量生産の時代には、手作りの物、職人の食べ物、工芸品の飲み物に対する欲望は、伝統と品質に対する深い渇望を示しています。しかし、工芸品が非常に異なるものを意味する時がありました。古英語のcraeftという言葉は、知識、知恵、権力のほとんど無限の感覚を持っていました。この魅惑的な本では、歴史家であり人気のある放送隊のAlex Langlandsがcraeftの神秘的な失われた意味を求めています。彼のトレードマークのエネルギーと魅力を語る活気に満ちた一連のミニヒストリーを通して、ラングランズは、絶え間のない技術を融合させた古代の職人を復活させ、今日の詐欺の重要性を熱烈に守っています。 寸法:23.4 x 15.3 x 2.4センチメートル(0.33 kg)------------------------------------ 当店は、アメリカ カリフォルニアを本店とする海外ショップです。 通関時に関税・輸入消費税が課税される可能性があります。 商品お届けまでに、10日~20営業日程度かかります。 当店のカード決済代行会社は Rakuten Commerce LLC です。 ------------------------------------

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Suntha’S Companion ReadersBook 2 Adaptations of Tamil Stories in English【電子書籍】[ Ramalingam Suntharalingam ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Suntha’S Companion ReadersBook 2 Adaptations of Tamil Stories in English【電子書籍】[ Ramalingam Suntharalingam ]

<p>Among the stories in these adaptations are , the story of the disillusioned cat, the patient poets reward, water gets its half share in the adulterated milk trade , human avarice gets reined in by God, best disciple is more discerning than the rest, can remove inertia with a little bit of pain. Learn as you grow ,learning from all sources even lower animals, lady capable of plucking the tigers hair can easily woo her husband, you tend to ape your companions, seed needs time to geminate, verbal diarrhea of the Paraphraser, lazy sons hit the treasure trove, necessity is the mother of action, weak legs more useful than beautiful antlers. Unobserved behavior is the index to character. Quick wit can outwit the dull wit. Grandpa knows better. Revenge is like strewn cotton wool. Brides father is always at the receiving end. There are 3 experiences of Swamy Vivekananda, stories of Akbars confidante Birbal and that another Court Jester (Shrewd way to settle usurious loans) Poetic justice to an errant Prince. If a bag of soil is heavy how about those of the arrogated lands? The focus is on narration with the intention of imparting English language skills, enhancing word power and even style of presentation and inculcating the reading habit. What is lacking is the reading material in English for students whose mother tongue is other than English. The desire to read is being encouraged by narrating stories from familiar background so that the reader need not labour to understand the contents and also the language simultaneously. The latter is made easier through known or familiar stories. Intention to emphasize is to provide easily understood narratives to help the reader to acquire proficiency in English and go forward in enhancing ones language skills.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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"My" Official Georgia Geechee CookbookGeechees, Low Country Cooking and History Facts【電子書籍】[ Sharon Kaye Hunt RD ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】"My" Official Georgia Geechee CookbookGeechees, Low Country Cooking and History Facts【電子書籍】[ Sharon Kaye Hunt RD ]

<p>THE GEECHEE COOKBOOK My Official Geechee Cookbook highlights Geechee low-country cooking and food preparations that were popularized on the Georgias barrier sea islands from the early 1700s until up to the end-of-the Civil War. A special effort has been made to include the similarities of possible African culture and slaves tradition on each island. Recorded history has been included about each area. Although much of the history has been lost, the slaves made do with what they were able to simulate from their culture. The efforts in this cookbook have been dedicated to the impact of the Geechee contributions to the state of Georgia. Some people in Georgia call themselves Gullah. However, my grandmother was a Geechee. The research honors her heritage. Gullahs are popular in the low country areas of the Carolinas. My Official Geechee Cookbook is a result of my research with certain people who said they were Geechee and collected recipes from these people. The cookbook is not comprehensive of all Geeches recipes. Historical influences surrounding the Geechees survival on the Georgia sea coastline from slavery until present day have been examined.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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The Finder【電子書籍】[ Woude' Wood ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】The Finder【電子書籍】[ Woude' Wood ]

<p>Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Woude Wood grew up in the inner city housing projects near 55th street. In the Cedar/Central neighborhood, his father died at 52. His biological mother also died when he was six years old. Woude credits his second mother, Lillian, as the person who instilled in him the will and determination to survive and succeed in life. He graduated from East Tech High School, the same school that famed Olympians Jesse Owens and Harrison Dillard graduated from. He struggled for many years with alcohol and heroin addiction. He attended Cuyahoga Community College and Capital University, earning his degree at 38. He retired from Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division as a probation officer. Wood is an avid runner. He currently lives in Bay Village, Ohio.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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MabelUna Demostraci?n Del Poder De Dios【電子書籍】[ Charlotte Huskey ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】MabelUna Demostraci?n Del Poder De Dios【電子書籍】[ Charlotte Huskey ]

<p>Mabel Una demostracin del poder de Dios Este libro relata como el poder de Dios es capas de sostenernos en cualquier situacion de la vida. Mabel, fue dejada sola en el mundo. Su vida fue estrellada cuando su madre y su hermanito se murieron, y despus su padre la abandona. Mientras que lucha para sobrevivir, ella fue maltratada y falsamente acusada. La fe fuerte de Mabel en su Padre celestial es puesta a prueba. Podr alguna vez tener un hogar para aislarse del fro o una familia con corazones de amor como una vez tuvo? Despus de soportar cuatro aos sola y turbulentos, Mabel recibe una carta de su padre. La direccin del remitente era de Oklahoma City. Ella utiliza todo su dinero en un boleto para el tren y va en busca de l. Sin ningn tipo de comunicacin moderna, Mabel encontrara a su pap en una ciudad de 90,000 personas? Si por un milagro lo encuentra tendra la capacidad de amarlo y perdonarlo? "Estamos atribulados en todo, mas no angustiados; en apuros, mas no desesperados; perseguidos, mas no desamparados; derribados, pero no destruidos; II Corintios 4:8-9. La vida de la joven, Mabel fue como un barco naufragado y despedazado. Aunque con tristeza por todos lados, no se senta abandonada por su padre celestial. Ser que algn da le restaura su vida y repara su corazn roto? Podr ella creer en Su plan divino para su vida, y confiar en l que le dara las cosas buenas que deseaba cuando lo nico que conoca fue las aflicciones?</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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The ReturningA Most Unusual Crime Drama【電子書籍】[ Michael Harris ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】The ReturningA Most Unusual Crime Drama【電子書籍】[ Michael Harris ]

<p>Sedona is well-known as a very spiritual place. It is also known as a congregation ground for crystal crunchers, self-proclaimed visionaries, and mystics. There are a few true healers here, but they shun the media and the publicity that others come here to seek. Two of them feel a shift in balance one evening and know something bad has come to this healing spot again. A father-and-son serial killer team was stopped in Sedona on the way north to Canada a few years ago. The two healers, with help from Sam the coydog, were instrumental in putting Willy and George behind bars. One of the killers has escaped and is planning revenge on those who put him away. This story is about what happens when this evil person, with the help of a fellow escapee, comes to Sedona with revenge on his mind.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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The Roles of Peace and Security, Political Leadership, and Entrepreneurship in the Socio-Economic Development of Emerging CountriesA Compendium of Lessons Learnt from Sub-Saharan Africa【電子書籍】[ Ambassador Major-General Francis Adu-Amanfoh ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】The Roles of Peace and Security, Political Leadership, and Entrepreneurship in the Socio-Economic Development of Emerging CountriesA Compendium of Lessons Learnt from Sub-Saharan Africa【電子書籍】[ Ambassador Major-General Francis Adu-Amanfoh ]

<p>The works of contemporary global security and political analysts, and experiences from todays highly industrialized nations, conclude that the existence of peace and security, effective and exemplary political leadership, and sustained entrepreneurship are critical ingredients and catalysts for national socio-economic development. Certainly, these ingredients have helped in building the nations of the developed world, but how can these ingredients help the nations of the emerging world? This book searches for a response and lessons to be learnt. Hence, the purpose of the book, essentially, is to examine the roles that peace and security, political leadership, and entrepreneurship can play in the sustainable socio-economic development of emerging countries, exemplified by sub-Saharan Africa. The book first reviews the nature of the emerging world, discusses the subject matter in detail, and concludes with a compendium of lessons to be learnt by, primarily, political leaders, national security practitioners, entrepreneurs and investors, and academicians.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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First Time with a Dom【電子書籍】[ Carrie Kelly ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】First Time with a Dom【電子書籍】[ Carrie Kelly ]

<p>When Emma spots her crush, Caleb, in the library, she never imagined what sort of kinky fantasies he had in store for her.</p> <p>Caleb’s a Dom with a bondage fetish, and he spots what he wants in Emma right away. She wants him, she just doesn’t know how badly she wants him to open her eyes to a whole new world of pleasure and pain.</p> <p>Will Emma’s life ever be the same after her first time with a Dom?</p> <p>Contains graphic BDSM sex including bondage, sex toys and sex in public. All characters over the age 18.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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The Magic Fruitcakes【電子書籍】[ Stan Friedland ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】The Magic Fruitcakes【電子書籍】[ Stan Friedland ]

<p>If you had one wish to improve the world, what would it be? Melodie Fredette made her wish: Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Others ALL THROUGH THE YEAR! BUT, she didnt know how to make her wish come true. If she could only come up with the right plan, but how? Come join Melodie and the lovable character she enlists as they try to move her exciting plan from wish to reality. Youre guaranteed to enjoy the ride er read. It will be magical.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Calm【電子書籍】[ The School of Life ]

【電子書籍なら、スマホ・パソコンの無料アプリで今すぐ読める!】Calm【電子書籍】[ The School of Life ]

<p>Few life skills are as neglected, yet as important, as the ability to remain calm. Our very worst decisions and interactions are almost invariably the result of a loss of calm ? and a descent into anxiety and agitation. Surprisingly, but very fortunately, our power to remain calm can be rehearsed and improved. We don’t have to stay where we are now: our responses to everyday challenges can dramatically alter. We can educate ourselves in the art of keeping calm not through slow breathing or special teas but through thinking. This is a book that patiently unpacks the causes of our greatest stresses and gives us a succession of highly persuasive, beautiful and sometimes dryly comic arguments with which to defend ourselves against panic and fury.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。

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Mystical Manga Tarot【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】

Mystical Manga Tarot【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】

Mystical Manga TarotWith magnificent colors and gorgeous detail, the Mystical Manga Tarot captures the style and spirit of Japanese graphic novels. Rann's exquisite artwork brings each character to life, and the wisdom each one offers will guide you on the road of adventure. Use these beautiful cards to reveal the mystical opportunities around you and discover more about yourself and the people in your life. This fun, easy-to-use deck is based on the Rider-Waite system and comes with a helpful guidebook by Barbara Moore.Dimensions: 21.08 x 14.48 x 5.08 centimetres (0.4 kg)壮大な色彩と豪華なディテールで、Mysta Manga Tarotは日本のグラフィック小説のスタイルと精神を取り入れています。ランの絶妙なアートワークは、それぞれの人生を生き生きとさせ、それぞれが提供する知恵は、あなたを冒険の道に導きます。これらの美しいカードを使用して、あなたの周りの神秘的な機会を明らかにし、自分や人生の詳細を発見してください。この楽しい、使いやすいデッキは、ライダー・ワイト・システムに基づいており、バーバラ・ムーアの役に立つガイドブックが付属しています。 寸法:21.08 x 14.48 x 5.08センチメートル(0.4 kg)------------------------------------ 当店は、アメリカ カリフォルニアを本店とする海外ショップです。 通関時に関税・輸入消費税が課税される可能性があります。 商品お届けまでに、10日~20営業日程度かかります。 当店のカード決済代行会社は Rakuten Commerce LLC です。 ------------------------------------

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